Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most common questions I get regarding my side view aircraft templates. Remember, you can always contact me if you have a specific question or concern that isn’t documented here.

What’s the difference between the JPG and PNG versions?

The only difference between the JPG and PNG versions are the backgrounds. The JPG‘s have an all white background, and the PNG‘s have a transparent background. Choose the PNG if you need to place the illustration on a custom background.

How are the PSD files structured?

All elements of the aircraft (landing gear, windows, wings, shadows, etc.) are on their own separate layers. Not only that, each of the individual pieces that make up a component (such as the wing) are on individual layers as well. 

The following image depicts how I organize all of the main components into their own separate layer groups:

Norebbo PSD aircraft template layer groups

As you can see in the image below, expanding a layer group reveals all of the individual components of that particular group:

Norebbo PSD aircraft template layer groups expanded

Do the PSD files contain vector Smart Objects?

No. All layers in the PSD files are rasterized and not scalable.

Why don’t you sell all white vector versions of each template?

Because I’m a perfectionist! Yes, all of my fully-rendered white side view JPG, PNG, and PSD templates actually start out as vector files. However, it’s very difficult to control shadows and details in vector format, so I do all of that work in Photoshop.

That being said, sometimes (if I’m feeling particularly patient) I will spend the time to make an all-white vector version of a template available. The ones I currently have available are:

These are not as detailed as my PSD files, and I am a bit reluctant to offer them here on ShopNorebbo as a downloadable option.

Since vector all white versions of each of your templates already exist, is there any way that I could purchase them?

Sure. Contact me, and I’ll sell you any all white vector version that you want for $49. Just be aware that they are not as detailed as my all white PSD, JPEG, and PNG versions.

I need to have a livery applied to a template. Can you do that for me?

Unfortunately, there isn’t enough time in my day to take on side projects such as this. I’d love to help (especially considering how much I enjoy doing airliner art), but the truth is that I just don’t have enough time to take on additional work.

Do your vector line drawings contain open paths?

Yes (and I do this on purpose). Leaving open paths on an illustration allows for maximum customization and endless tweaking. Changing line thicknesses is easy. Eliminating specific lines (without cutting into the rest of the illustration) is a piece of cake. Basically, I’ve set up my vector files in a way that’ll make them very easy for you to edit and tweak however you want.

What are the usage restrictions on your files?

It’s pretty simple actually, and it all boils down to how you’re going to use them.

You can:

  • Modify these templates however you want (applying a livery, background, etc.), and then post them online (your website, social media, forums, etc.).
  • Use them for business purposes (such as supporting graphics in a presentation, document, etc).
  • Use them for marketing purposes. Go ahead. I don’t mind if you use my templates in your marketing material.
  • Print them - as long as it’s for your own personal use (for yourself, as a gift, etc.).

You cannot:

  • Redistribute these files. In other words, making these templates available for download on your website (or on social media) at any resolution is strictly prohibited.
  • Print these illustrations on T-shirts, hats, mugs, posters, etc. and sell them. However, if this is something you really want to do, contact me for details about obtaining an extended license (which allows for printing and reselling).